Service & Tech

    In addition to web and graphics, SCN Design also offers basic computer tech services to people who have a system that's not operating at it's maximum potential.

Over time, temporary or corrupt files, viruses, driver issues and basic bit rot will clog up a system - making it slow, irratic and possibly unstable. Here is a short list of services performed for client's in order to maximize or restore their system to its peak operational capability.

Services performed:

  • Physical cleaning:
    vacuum removal of dust and dirt from on-board fan, component housing and memory modules
  • Pre-OS prep:
  • Initial De-Fragmentation and surface scan of hard drive for possible errors
  • Removal of temporary system files, downloaded internet files and legacy remnant files
  • Virus Scan for Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Malware and all other system file risks
  • Windows OS-Installation:
  • Hard Drive Format and new NTFS partition creation for clean Operating System installation
  • Critical Downloads and Installations:
  • All peripheral and hardware drivers for required system
  • Optional Downloads and Installations:
  • Installation of Office Suite
  • Download and Installation of AntiVirus Software
  • Download and Installation of Internet Browser
  • Download and Installation of plug-ins
  • Final Processes:
  • Comprehensive virus scan of hard drive
  • Full system scan disk for errors
  • Defragmentation of Hard Disk

All of these services are available to clients. Contact us to discuss details and set up a consultation for your computer's specific cleanup requirements.

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